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Looking the part is very important to us when we are at horse shows! Please enjoy this checklist of the attire you will need at competitions!


  1. Fitted Show Shirt: This can include a button-down shirt or a shirt that zips in the front/back. Any color is welcome, and you may be as flashy as you would like to. We are partial to purple shirts here at K-State!

  2. Black Jeans: Jeans must be black and too long so that the pant leg covers your boots while on a horse. If you have chaps, you may wear any kind of appropriate pants underneath.

  3. Black Chaps *OPTIONAL*: Chaps are optional but do lend to a professional look. Any color jeans or show pants may be worn under the chaps. 

  4. Black Belt: Must match the rest of your outfit. Any belt buckles are acceptable. 

  5. Black Felt Hat: Must be felt and must be shaped to an appropriate show type. 

  6. Black Cowboy Boots: Boots must match the rest of your outfit and are expected to be clean!

  7. Hairnet: An appropriate colored hairnet is required. Hair is worn in buns for all Western Horsemanship classes.

  8. Spurs *OPTIONAL*: Depending on the class you are competing in ball spur or rowels may be allowed. We have several extras, but it is always a good idea to have a pair of your own.

  9. Makeup: Makeup can be done at the rider's discretion. At least a natural look is preferred, this may be as flashy as you would like.


If you already have a show outfit that is not black, it will probably be fine. If you are still looking for clothes and are wanting to find budget friendly items, we can help!

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