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Looking the part is very important to us when we are at horse shows! Please enjoy this checklist of the attire you will need at competitions!

  1. Hunt Show Coat: Please make sure this item is correctly fitted! Additionally, we are Equitation riders, we only allow Navy or Black show coats!​​

  2. White Show Shirt: We expect our riders to have a collared white show shirt to wear underneath the show shirt. This shirt can be long sleeved or short sleeved based on the preference of the rider.

  3. Tan Breeches: Breeches are expected to be washed and cleaned!

  4. Helmet: We allow many varieties of helmet types as long as they are up to code! This means it must be less than 5 years old to comply with safety rules and regulations. The helmet must also be appropriately colored for showing- No bright colors or designs! If you are unsure if your helmet meets these requirements, contact us!

  5. Hairnet: An appropriately colored hairnet that matches your hair is important to keep all the fly away hairs out of your face while focusing on showing. 

  6. Black Tall Boots or Clean Paddock Boot Half-Chap Combination: We take the cleanliness of our boots very seriously at competitions! Please make sure you bring freshly cleaned and polished boots.

  7. Belt: We expect your white show shirt to be tucked into your tan breeches. Belts are the easiest way to ensure your shirt remains tucked in! As much as we wish you could show off your purple pride, we require belts to be brown, black, or navy in coloring.

  8. Show Gloves *OPTIONAL*: Black show gloves are an easy addition to prevent blisters and look fancy in the show ring! These are recommended but not required, just based on the riders preference.

If you have all these items, great you are ready to horse show with us! If not, no worries! Reach out to us and we can help you find the items you need!

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