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IHSA Equestrian Club Hunt Seat Team Takes The Year End Win and Moves On To Zone Finals

The Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Club Hunt Seat Team riders at Kansas State University have worked hard throughout the school year with the goal of moving past the regions in hopes to represent Kansas at Zone Finals in Indiana. With the brilliant coaching of Ann White and all the affiliates of Vermillion Valley Equine Center out of Wamego, Kansas, the team placed first in five out of six of the competitions they attended in the fall and spring. With these results, the team was awarded Region Champions for the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Eight members of the club will be traveling to Saint Mary's College of Woods on April 1st and 2nd to compete against the top teams in the zone.

  • Four members of the club qualified individually by placing top 2 in the region of their respective divisions

  • Kansas State University’s reputation in the Intercollegiate Horse Showing Industry has sky-rocketed throughout the year as the “Team to Beat”.

The team travels far and wide to compete in many shows throughout the semester including Southern Illinois University Carbondale in Carbondale IL, Missouri State University in Springfield MO, and Black Hawk College in Galva IL. At these locations, they go head to head against other IHSA members compiled from 17 different schools such as University of Kansas, Truman State University, Illinois State University, and more.

The Team traveling to Indiana for Zone Finals with coach, Ann White, will be made up of the eight girls who have been dedicated to bringing back Kansas State’s presence in the equestrian collegiate sport. The Line Up will be as followed: Open Over Fences will be Jennie Yount, Open on the Flat will be Meagan Parkins, Intermediate Over Fences will be Ella Garver, Intermediate on the Flat will be Sara Hene, Limit Over Fences will be Lauren Kastner, Limit on the Flat will be Jillian Camp, Novice will be Lauren Andrews, and Introductory will be Kaitlyn Rhine.

Aside from the victories the team has sustained as a group, many individuals of the team have had great successes and qualified individually to represent themselves and their University. Jennie Yount qualified for Open Over Fences and Open on the Flat. Meagan Parkins qualified for Intermediate over Fences. Sara Hene qualified in Limit Over Fences and Limit On The Flat . Jillian Camp qualified in Novice,

We are so proud of their individual accomplishments and the growth of the IHSA club team at Kansas State this year. If you want to keep up with our successes, or are interested in joining the team follow @ksu_ihsa on instagram, @KansasStateUniversityIHSAEquestrianTeam on facebook, or go to our website at"

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